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         TO:  Onliner Taylor                                                                                                                                 FROM: Brad Pendable - CFO
Information about Brad's  "NEST OF BEES"                                                                          ORIGINATED:  January 2008                 

     Via Taylor

       Hi Brad. I recently came across this Website. .... why do you have a "NEST OF BEES" or any sort of "BEES" emphasis?  What does this have to do with your overall objective that you briefly mention above?

  Via :

          Thank you, Taylor,  for contacting us.  Indeed, this requires an explanation.  When this endeavor started it became apparent that we were using a number of words,  terms, or phrases, that started with the letter "B".   See  Glossary content.  So we began to think that perhaps what we wanted to accomplish should have a "BEE" or a "NEST OF BEES" approach and,  like some of the Lord's parables, we should have an allegorical  thrust.   So we did some research about  "BEES."   To us it is relevant that the Lord created "BEES"  to function effectively as a team within a "NEST OF BEES, or BEE-HIVE".  The following features greatly impressed us:

      01>   The  overall unified "NEST OF BEES, or BEE-HIVE"  objective, or purpose,  is for the "BEES"  to be productive
                 or produce something good like honey.
      02>   In doing this,  the "BEES" need to function together as a well organized group or via a  "COLONY
                OF BEES
" community.
      03>    A  "BEE"  is a God created being who has a variety of assigned tasks, or each  "BEE"  has a well
                 defined & understood job description that is well performed.
      04>    The Lord provides the necessary resources  (pollen, etc.) to accomplish the honey producing
                  purpose of the "COLONY OF BEES" community..
      05>    Like any effective entity,  the  "NEST OF BEES, or BEE-HIVE"  has supervisors  (QUEEN BEES, if you please)
                who look at the overall endeavor, or at the big picture  --  which reminds us of the needed 
                  Ministry Finance Team  of a Ministry
      06>    Plus,  of course, there are also  (WORKERS and DRONE BEES)  who care for the detailed functions,
                 or the  "nitty gritty",  as the endeavor is ultimately completed. See details about 
                 BeeTees (Bookkeeper and/or Treasurers)

           Please note:  BEES  are small beings  --  we serve small   Christian Entities , or Christ-Centered Entities,  of different kinds as identified per our   Bee Colony.   The end product of most  BEES is honey  -  which connotes in our hearts to meeting man's spiritual needs.    HONEY BEE  HOMER  helpers are "BUSY or HONEY BEES."  One of our resources could be "BRADS BLOG"   Part of the resources within this web site  could be periodic editorials within context of "BEES IN BRAD's BONNET."   We appreciate your prayers.


      Via Taylor:

       OK most interesting .... please tell me more about the overall thrust of this Website, Brad. 

    Via :

       OK ....  please digest the following:

       PURPOSE:  the mission of this  Website  is to provide  "no fee charged"  assistance  (some refer to this as "Pro Bono" services)  to interested  Small Christian Ministries  via primarily a  "Ministry Finance" savvy Accountant Brad Pendable,  as he emphasizes the full and appropriate use of  Contemporary Resources  to efficiently handle their finances in ways that please the Lord.  The  intent is to remotely help you get going via a variety of "BEE"  resources, or direct you to  "Busy Bees"  who, via the Internet, either help you (or do it themselves) finalize your transactions or they regularly "look over your shoulder."  

   Here we primarily mean just beginning,  or quite new,  smaller  Christ-centered Ministries who generally handle $500,000 or less per year.  Or even "Mom-Pop" Ministries who handle $99,999 or less per year.  Our target is especially those of you who are comfortable using the Internet, often via a Lap Top .   We might also provide "money record keeping" assistance to  Believers  in their pursuit of God-honoring "money spending controls"  and management.  

        Jim Bee  and I especially want you all to be aware of the  eFinFax  accounting system (that emphasizes the BuxBox feature) for you Smaller Ministries that I spell out quite thoroughly in a dialog with a HOMER when you  go to  2000.

       CONTEMPORARY RESOURCES   (Primarily the Internet)  which includes the appropriate use of at least the following:: 

          1>  Cutting edge technology   (CAUTION:  You can get a "deep gash" if you do not  have the "cutting edge" know-how  ) like when you use mobile lap top computers---- especially when using the Internet via a fast connection and the applicable Computer  systems  
        2>  Older versions of  the software product known as  QuickBooks Pro   ---- plus the appropriate software that combines  People and Donation   information.  Then be sure you understand the overall Internet and Computer resources  (like the 
Compasses  mentioned here)  as you timely have relevant financial information (like the Charts mentioned here)  for making "Spending Control" decisions.  
Please Go Here  and learn after June 2010 about our free eBook entitled "Journey to be Christian Ministry Finance 'Internet Friendly'."
          4>  Any available  Online/Web  tool.  This includes receiving net pay  electronically or donations Online - plus making full use of the Online Payment options.  But it especially includes the weekly process of going Online and obtaining the equivalent of your "Bank Account and/or Credit Card Statements."  Please  Click Here  for more information as you use such transaction data as your primary source of financial info that goes into your QuickBooks Pro  accounting system.   Please  Click Here  and look over some of the sample financial reports resulting from this process as used by those within the
 Bee Colony.
           5>  Online Forums that enable finance people at  our  Bee Colony  to interact and learn from one another.  Plus also be able to access computer desktops of others for collaborative purposes.


Via Taylor (01)

  Thank you, Brad; now please tell me more about yourself;  what is your background? 

      Via :

       Thank you for asking.  I am a virtually deaf hypothetical staff member of a supposed Ministry called "Go Ye Ministries - GYM"  ---- which is a Christ-centered Evangelical Church with Christian Schools, a Camp or Retreat facility, plus some Radio/TV Ministries.  Please  Click Here  for more detailed information about how I also serve as their off campus CFO (Chief Financial Official).
        But you no doubt are mostly interested in the fact that I am also their specialized Missionary as I am under their direction/control and fully financially and prayerfully supported by them.   A major ministry goal of theirs is for me to remotely assist other
 Christian Entities  as they manage their fiscal affairs.   Why ---  because all too often  "Bookkeepers and/or Treasurers"  - BeeTees,  if you please,  often have little formal accounting training.  Particularly as they must account for restricted monies at Ministries with their applicable principles and practices. Please  Click Here   for some information about the peculiarities of what is called  Ministry Fund Accounting.  A fundamental goal of " Go Ye Ministries - GYM "  is to be the very best possible steward of its finances  (even be a model,  if you please)  so that others can benefit from what we are doing or what we have learned from our internal experiences. 

          I refer to myself herein in the first person, but actually Brad Pendable, or Bradley D. Pendable  (how about when you use my initials:  B. D. Pendable)  is the alter-ego, or pen-name, if you please, of  Jim Bee  .

          There is this "Brad CFO" emphasis because Jim Bee's  background is as an External Auditor-Certified Public Accountant  (CPA), serving any type of Christian Ministry.  So he basically views things from his experience as an  "Outsider Looking In
           But my thrust as Brad Pendable  is as a Ministry staffer (not as a outside Auditor - CPA) who provides assistance to any of you as an  
"Insider Looking Out"  ---- but, of course,  I am someone with limited communication means.   I want to be available to help as I share my  "Insider Looking Out" experiences  --- primarily via the resources here.  Unfortunately, since I am virtually deaf,  I am not able to effectively use the phone as it is awkward for me to interact with people face-to-face.   With this in mind, I personally find writing in this way of providing "Insider Looking Out" assistance to be VERY meaningful to me.  
         Jim Bee allows me to use his Online resources,  like the Website contents of  and  I also make use of a   "Invitation to view a Desktop"  collaboration/connection tool which allows me to invite you to the desktop, at no cost to you, and communicate with you in writing.  If absolutely necessary,  Jim Bee will talk with you by phone about any of these matters.  
          My means of current assistance (especially to those of you who are new or just starting) includes at least the following:

        a>   By reference to links within various Websites, I serve as a remote Coach as I help get you going or  help you revise your way of doing things, etc.    Somewhat like what Jim Bee has outlined when you Click Here.  Of course, I also point you to other "Helpers."
        b>   As we make full use of applicable accounting software such as  QuickBooks  per its  "Fund Accounting"  methods so that  the leadership is provided with essential financial information. Please Click Here  for access to samples of such reports that enable them to make appropriate financial decisions. Please also   Click Here  and learn about some "Spending Control" resources.  Be sure and Go Here and read my dialog with Alex about the eFinFax accounting system.
        c>   I make use of applicable Online Tutorials and/or presentations.  Click Here for an example.
       d>   Plus I can share the content of my computer desktop with you via the afore-mentioned collaboration tool.  When we use this tool, you will remember that we interact only in writing and not via the phone, etc.  
       e>   I plan to be an Administrator/Moderator of an "Online Forum" where mostly you can interact and learn from one another.  Click Here  and Here for examples of helpful "Online Forums".
       f>   As indicated below, I am poised to share
most of my staff member ""Insider Looking Out"  experiences  one-way to you via BRADs BLOG.    Of course, any two-way inter-action is via Email to/from


Via Taylor:

    According to your statement above, you do not charge any fees for these services.  Please explain.

      Via :

    Well,  like any Missionary I want to be of service with no financial expectation of any type from you  - who often have limited finances and need to make maximum use of volunteers.  The Lord is meeting my needs.  I am well aware that usually someone is more responsive when they sacrificially pay for services rendered,  but I will simply trust the Lord for effectiveness as I serve within this overall setting.


Via Taylor:

   Sounds great! Now please tell me more about  "BRADs BLOG"

    Via :

      BRADS BLOG  will soon be underway as we take the initiative in getting information  to you as I periodically share relevant topics that are derived from my staff member ""Insider Looking Out"  experiences.  It will not come to you as the usual BLOG feed, but functions  in the manner described when you go here:     Brads Blog Yahoo Forum 


Via Taylor:

    Wow !!  I certainly am one who needs the kind of NEST OF BEES   help you describe here, Brad.  So I suppose I need to begin our relationship by contacting you by Email at Is this the first step?

    Via :

    That is correct,  Of course, initially, I am interested in you knowing that we are for real and that we really want to help.  But we'll get into that when you connect up, etc.  I look forward to that step !


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