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Expected tasks of BEE TEES (Bookkeepers and/or Treasurers)               ORIGINATED:  February  6,   2008              

The following is designed for the Church BEE TEES, but can apply to most all other Ministries:

The Church Treasurer is to carry out (or see that it is done, etc.) such fiscal stewardship responsibilities as follows:

     >> -- Efficiently account for money both coming in or going out of the Church - plus tangible non cash  assets.
     >> -- Appropriately handle the financial aspects of Donations and such record keeping/reporting.
     >> -- Properly disburse money within imposed limits plus 
     >> -- Budget constraints
     >> -- Timely know and report the amount of "Pooled" Money on Deposit .
     >> --  Do not marry imposed fund balances to specific Bank Accounts
     >> --  Account for staffer pay and benefits -- especially unique Clergy matters.
     >> --  Be able to report immediately after posting a transaction
     >>  -- Which Fund (BuxBox) has an investment in the "Pooled" Money on hand.
     >> -- Timely know and report if actual operating costs are within the authorized Spending Limits or Budget
     >> --  Provide understandable financial reports to Church people who need to know.
     >> -- Comply with requirements of outsiders like governments or auditors.
     >> -- Be an appropriate part of the needed "Internal Financial Control"  system.


Specifics appear below:

     1- Determines priorities of cash outflow
     2- Maintains Banking relationship
     3- Often is the primary purchasing agent
     4- Insure that the accounting system provides relevant data and meets report readers needs.
     5- Be final authority re accounting system coding & transaction timing.
     6- Interacts with Staff and Board re Finances
     7- Makes sure that financials are understood
     8- Inter-acts with auditors and and all other 'guests'
     9- Carry out financial policies on behalf of the Leadership
   10- See that such policies are in evidence and monitored
   11- Provide necessary training to subordinates
   12- Be knowledgeable about Insurance issues
   13- Be corporate financial planner; insure such plans are developed and evaluated.

     1. Provide Cash on Hand Status; portion available and portion restricted & why at least weekly
     2. Provide what bills are due and when at least Weekly
     3. Provide Restricted fund bal info upon request, but at least Weekly
     4. Prepare and process reports to applicable decision maker at least Weekly
     5. Provide Budget to Actual (Video) reports upon request or at least monthly.
     6. Provide Balance Sheet (Photo) info regularly

     1. Be satisfied with needed information about each deposit
     2. Some Treasurers are in charge of Donor Receipts processing and all related info.
     3. Some Treasurers see that money is deposited at the Bank
     4. Code and see that the proper Cash Receipts info gets into the Accounting system.
     5  Some Treasurers answer donor questions

     1. Maintenance of Bills to pay and are paid
     2. Prepare and write checks
     3. Some Treasurers co-sign checks
     4. Code and see that the proper check info gets into the Accounting system.
     5. Some Treasurers are the Petty Cash custodian

     1. Compute and write pay checks
     2. Maintain earnings records
     3. Prepare payroll tax returns; depositary receipts/qtrly/annual settlements
     4. Code and see that the proper Payroll info gets into the Accounting system.

     1. Do the applicable veracity proofs of the Accounting System and transactions
     2. Reconcile Banks
     3. Process Budget data
     5. Respond to Financial Stmt questions
     6. Maintain supply of acctg forms and stationery
     7. Complete year end Financials
     8. Filing of applicable annual IRS & State returns

     1. Budget controller for all Departs
     2. Be sure Budgets are developed
     3. Present Budgets to Board for authorization
     4. Coordinate budget changes/updates
     5. See that decision makers comply with Budget constraints

     1. Maintain property records
     2. Tie property records to the Accounting System
     3. Property Tax filings
     4. Property Maintenance issues
     5. Vehicle License/Maint issues

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